A Meeting of Masters
21 Nov 2011

AOSpine Saudi Arabia (AOSSA) hosted an AOSpine Masters Symposium–Deformity in Focus in Riyadh last week.

This year AOSSA held a Masters event chaired by Zayed Al Zayed, AOSME regional Chair, and Yaser Behairy, AOSSA Chair, to accommodate the more experienced surgeons, and meet their special requirements.  Live surgery, focusing on spinal deformity, was transmitted from the operating theatre to participants at the King Faisal Hospital & Research Center auditorium, enabling direct communication between surgeons and audience.

Zayed Al Zayed commented 'we are proud to have had the international expertise of Vincent Arlet, USA who brought us up to date with the classification of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, the thoracoscopic approach to deformities, and complications of the rigid spine, among other things.  And furthermore Scott Spann, our surprise guest faculty, gave us an insight into stem cells in spinal cord injury, which caused a lot of excitement!'

Abdulrazzaq Alobaid, AOSME regional Community Development Officer, and regional faculty from Kuwait, commented on the excellence of this course at Masters level.  'The interaction between faculty and participants was good. The live transmission was of challenging cases; however the organizing committee was successful in addressing these issues and used a variety of techniques. Case discussions were also of excellent quality. In general the course matched expectations and standards required at a Masters level.  A few participants suggested having a cadaveric workshop incorporated in all future courses'.

'A highlight for me was seeing how others perform surgery, and discussing each other's experience one on one, as well as being informed on the latest techniques and material available etc.' said Dr M Alhamouieh from Syria, now working in Riyadh.

Heba Shaker Al Motabagani, an attending physiotherapist, found that the best thing about the event was all the new knowledge that was discussed.  To hear about Dr Scott's personal life experience was inspiring, and his lecture on stem cell treatment was incredible!'

Muneer Mansur attended this course because of the international reputation of AOSpine.  He said, 'I trust AOSpine to enrich my skills theoretically and practically, in a valid way.  Attending these events enables me to meet surgeons from all over the world. I recently learned about the AOSpine fellowship program, and am looking very much forward to participating in a fellowship'.

Among the new AOSpine members was Dr Faisal Alotabi  who joined AOSpine because 'it allows me to be exposed to the most advanced techniques in spine, and in addition, to exchange expertise in the management of spinal disorders'.

Dr Abdulaziz Bin Shebreen, also a new member said that 'the perfect advances that AOSpine is starting to show, has attracted me to become a member.  I am looking to increase my learning curve and getting the up-to-date knowledge in an easy way from the expertise of other spine surgeons'.

We would like to thank the helpful staff at the King Faisal Hospital & Research Center, as well as our Partners for all their efforts that contributed to making this symposium such a success!


AOSpine Principles Course–Bringing Trauma into Focus, 8 – 9 February 2012, Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Zayed Al Zayed, Chairman of AOSpine Middle East talks to guest faculty Scott Spann
Zayed Al Zayed presents 'Vertebral column resection
Ibrahim Tabsh, AOSSA Council Officer for Community Development presents 'Classification and prediction of progression'
Abdullah Al-Othman AOSSA Council Officer for Research studies the latest EBSJ at the AOSpine booth
Yaser Behairy, AOSSA Chairman, Zayed Al Zayed and International Faculty Vincent Arlet
Abdul Monem Al Siddiky, AOSSA Council Officer for Spiine Center & Fellowships and Saad Al Mogrem
Yaser Behairy, Firas Husban, AOSpine Jordan Council Chair, and Abdulrazzaq Alobaid AOSME Community Development Officer
Talal Alharby and Mahdi Bassi take a break!
The participants
Group photo
Our Faculty