AO Spine Webinar—Management of Incidental Lumbar Durotomy
Dübendorf, Switzerland
10 Jun 2020
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Welcome to the Event Room for the AO Spine Webinar — Management of incidental lumbar durotomy

Moderator: S. Rajasekaran

Presenter: A. Falavigna, Y. Kawaguchi, B. Storzer, K. Wiechert, N. Taboada, M. Yung-Shun Wang, A. Parajón

Description: Evidence based medicine and randomized prospective controlled trials are the basis of clinical medicine today. While we strongly rely on this evidence, the practicing surgeon frequently encounters clinical scenarios for which solutions from such trials are not possible.

The AO Spine Clinical Expert Advice Forums aims to fill that void, by documenting experts’ advice on different everyday clinical scenarios, from diagnosis, or management decisions, to intra-op events or post-operative complications.

Incidental durotomy resulting in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leakage, is one of the most common and often challenging complications in spine surgery. The incidence varies widely, ranging  from  1%  to  17%,  depending  on  the  location  in  the  spine  and  type  of  procedure.  During this webinar senior surgeons share their collective thoughts and experience on the succesful management of these accidental tears on the dura mater resulting in CSF leakage.

The event starts on June 10 at 12:00 Central European Time.

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Learning objectives
Recognize the clinical significance of incidental durotomy and the situations where it is frequent
Describe the steps in different surgical procedures where ID is common
Explain how to prevent an ID in anterior, anterolateral, posterior, and minimally invasive surgical procedures
Describe the options and techniques for the management of an ID in various circumstances
Describe how to manage of late complications of ID with nonoperative and surgical options
Type AOSpine
Level Advanced
Region Europe and Southern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Sub Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Format Webinar
Content Case studies, Lectures
Target audience Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, Resident, Spine surgeon, Vascular surgeon
Closing date10 Jun 2020
Available places363
Cancellation policyNo cancellation fee
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The Webinar is free of charge.
Registration is mandatory.
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June 10 at 12:00 Central EuropeanTime.
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