AO Spine Online Course—Endoscopy (online course with interaction)
Davos, Switzerland
03 Dec 2020 - 05 Dec 2020
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Endoscopy course is one of six educational events offered this year for the AO Davos Courses for Spine. It is one of five online only events offered this year. The first part of the event will cover the fundamentals and theory of the course and will take 6 weeks, 3 to 4 hours per week of online learning. The second part will be the virtual face to face Course which will be held from December 3 to December 6 and you will need to spend 3 hours per day over those four days. The virtual face to face course will include

  • Live case discussions
  • Interactive exercises/demonstrations
  • Prerecorded videos with real patients, where video sequences will be shared online for discussion

Why you should attend this course and how it could benefit your daily practice?

This comprehensive online educational event will benefit both beginners and the more experienced endoscopic surgeons.  Focusing on the lumbar spine, surgeons new to this extremely exciting field will learn the basic endoscopic principles, tasks and how to safely perform transforaminal and interlaminar discectomy. More experienced surgeons will get an excellent opportunity to broaden their endoscopic practice to include various types of degenerative stenosis in the central canal, lateral recess and foramen.

What this course offers?

An online six-week component will take you from the basics of endoscopic lumbar spine surgery, through interlaminar (IELD) and transforaminal (TELD) discectomy approaches, to the more advanced techniques of unilateral laminotomy for bilateral decompression (ULBD), interlaminar lateral recess decompression (IE-LRD), foraminoplasty (TELF) and transforaminal endoscopic lateral recess decompression (TE-LRD).

A very exciting and interactive live course in December will then follow to re-enforce knowledge. This will take the format of lively case discussions specifically picked to cover indications, approaches, surgical techniques and managing complications of all endoscopic lumbar procedures.

AO Spine Online Course—Endoscopy Program (1495kb)
Learning objectives
Handle the endoscope and perform basic endoscopic tasks
Identify lumbar pathologies suited to start endoscopic practice
Describe the steps to perform transforaminal and interlaminar endoscopic lumbar discecto-my (TELD and IELD)
Explain the rationale behind selecting TELD or IELD for a given disc herniation
Discuss measures to prevent and manage complications pertinent to TELD and IELD
Identify the more advanced spectrum of endoscopic lumbar surgery related to stenosis, and patient selection
Describe the steps to perform various endoscopic procedures used to treat stenosis in the lumbar spine
Select the appropriate endoscopic approach to various stenosis types in the lumbar spine
Discuss measures to prevent and manage complications pertinent to endoscopic lumbar decompression
Muhammed Assous  (Chairperson)
Emre Acaroglu  (Program director)
Prof. Atiq Uz Zaman FCPS (Orthopaedic Surgery) MME (Masters Medical Education)  (Educational Advisor)
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ID AOSPINE10012699
Type AOSpine
Level Advanced
Region Europe and Southern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Format Course
Content Case studies
Target audience Orthopedic surgeon, Resident, Spine surgeon
This course is only available to members of AOSpine. Non-members and associates CANNOT register.
Closing date23 Nov 2020
Available places18
Cancellation policy50% of course fee until 3 months before event, 25% until 1 month and no refund thereafter
Swiss Francs 1110.00 CHF
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