2020 AOSpine Principles Local Webinar—Decompression vs Fusion in Stable spondylolysthesis, UAE, Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
23 Sep 2020
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Topic: AO Spine Principles Webinar—Decompression VS Fusion in Stable spondylolysthesis

Time: 22:00 Dubai, 14:00 EST, 20:00 CEST

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Learning objectives
Understanding the nature of stable Spondylolysthesis
Understanding the different approaches and treatment modalities of the pathology
Review of the literature supporting each treatement modality for the treatment of stable Spondylolysthesis
Sameh Abolfotouh MD  (Chairperson)
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ID GCC200923
Type AOSpine
Level Advanced
Region Middle East and Northern Africa
Language(s) English
Scope Regional
Academic status Non peer reviewed
Format Webinar
Target audience Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, Spine surgeon
Closing date21 Sep 2020
Available places7
Cancellation policyNo cancellation fee
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The event starts on the 23.09.2020 at 20:00 (CEST), Zürich, Switzerland, 22:00 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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